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Julia Escobar

Whenever you hear high school will fly by so fast, believe them. I thought I would dread sitting in a big scary school for four years, but I met people, found amazing teachers, joined clubs, and enjoyed the ride. Venice is a special place if you really take advantage of everything it has to offer.


My advice for a freshman or any class would be: 


Make time for things

Teachers are people and good ones will treat you like one

Test the limit of lateness 

It’s more worth it to not prioritize school sometimes

After two all-nighters you might feel okay—the third day is always the worst 

Please SLEEP  

High school love is cool, but have you ever read a really good book? 

Take advantage of the garden at school, it’s beautiful

Attend a football game, they’re actually really fun if you experience them with the right people

Do things by yourself, it builds character 

The best advice I was ever given was, “Use your student card— you might not get paid but you have your time and curiosity which is more than most put in.”



Julia Escobar

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