Bring Back Off-Campus Lunch


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Back in the 2000ss, according to Venice alumni, Venice High students were able to enjoy leaving campus during lunch to grab a bite. Fast forward to now, Venice has completely obliterated this privilege.

Additionally, seeing as though the lunch line can be long and plagued with limited, unsatisfying options, having the ability to eat off campus would not only shorten the lunch line but also increase the number of students that actually eat lunch. 

From corner stores to Rainbow Acres to In-N-Out to Chick-Fil-A to Costco, there are so many options within walking distance of our campus. It poses the question as to why the school could not simply grant a limited number of students, specifically upperclassmen, permission to leave campus.

If the school was concerned about students’ off-campus behavior, they could opt to set up a system much as they did for the Homecoming dance, where students would need to get approval in order to attend (in this case, leave campus for lunch). 

Imagine how great it would be for students to be able to leave campus. They could go to eat enriching food rather than buying cookies and chips from the vending machine. It would also provide them an opportunity to learn responsibility because they’d have to get back to campus before their Period 5 class. 

The school should find a way to re-introduce off-campus lunch while also ensuring the safety of students and neighbors within the community, such as the aforementioned “approval” for an off-campus lunch pass.