Met Gala 2022: The Best…And The Worst Dressed


Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

Lights, cameras, gilded glamor!

The Met Gala is back for 2022, and I can’t really say it was all for the better. 

There were dresses I did like and I’ll highlight them here, too, but some outfits…oh… let’s just say they should’ve stayed in the designer’s mind. 

These people have so much money—so how do they still manage to show up in these outfits? 

The Flops

Olivia Rodrigo

This dress isn’t bad, but to me, it doesn’t scream Met Gala. It gives off prom vibes and is a little too on-brand for Olivia. She has done purple with butterflies way too much, so I would’ve liked to see her step out of her comfort zone a lot more.

Kim Kardashian

I hate this outfit for so many reasons. Not only is it completely out of theme (since it looks like a normal dress Kardashian would wear to a party), but it’s also so boring and bland, especially for the Met Gala. It blends in too much with her skin that it doesn’t really shine through. 

Additionally, wearing the dress is incredibly disrespectful to Marilyn Monroe. The fact she openly admitted she lost 16 pounds in three weeks in order to try to get the dress is just horrible. Not only is she unintentionally promoting starving for fashion, but she is also disrespecting a huge Hollywood star.

Bad Bunny

Oh, Bad Bunny—your music is so good. So why do you look like Scooby Doo in a trenchcoat? The outfit is way too blocky and the solid brown looks so weird. I can’t describe it any other way rather than a fashion atrocity that should have never seen the light of day.


The Wins

Blake Lively

 Amazing. Show-stopping. Fabulous. From the attention to detail in the crown that includes seven spikes (each representing a sea and the seven continents); to the color change from copper to a green turquoise blue to represent the Statue of Liberty oxidizing over time, this dress is absolute perfection. 

Sabrina Carpenter

I mean… is there even an argument that this ensemble is stunning? Gold was definitely a staple this year at the Gala, but the way that she was able to have a dress that didn’t wash her out is great. The simplistic design is stunning, and I love the length of the tail and how beautifully it compliments her. 

Dove Cameron

This dress is so gorgeous and it fits the theme perfectly. Wearing the “skeleton” of a dress from a gilded age showcases not only the time period but also the industrialization and the adaption of new items from the era. This dress is chef’s kiss. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, I feel like this Met Gala could have so many amazing dresses and overall outfits, but unfortunately, a lot of celebrities missed the mark by a long shot.