The LA Sports Report

Week of 9/12 to 9/18


Abbasali Fazal, Sports Columnist

Here’s this week’s The LA Sports Report—looking at this week’s major Los Angeles sports stories.

The Rams Almost Pulled A Falcon!

On Sunday afternoon, the Rams claimed their first victory of the season, while almost pulling what Atlanta fans expect in a football game—a massive defensive collapse. 

Well, the Rams were winning 28-3 (Oh, remember that??? The same score the Falcons were leading the Pats entering the fourth quarter in that Super Bowl!!!). But this time, the Rams held on to a 31-27 win. 

Do you know how many panic attacks the Rams may have caused their fans? Well, the Falcons had the ball at the 20, down 6. Now just imagine that—with like two minutes and timeouts left. Phew! 

The Rams almost pulled a Falcons thing. Stafford started the game with a career best 12 for 12 on pass attempts as the Rams look to start the first win streak of the season next Sunday in Arizona. 

Dodgers Clinch Division

Dear San Francisco Giants fans, 

Your sincere Dodger Fans would like to break the news to you. Your rivals have clinched the division! 

But you know what? There is a bigger story than the Dodgers clinching the division in baseball.

During the Dodgers’ three-game sweep in San Francisco at Oracle Park—home of the San Fran Giants—a booth was selling Dodger gear during the game. 

A Big boo-boo for San Fran. Obviously, the Giants blame the vendors. 

But that wasn’t the only boo-boo this past week, as the MLB committed an error, as well.

Pulling the trigger a bit too early, the MLB announced the Dodgers as NL West Division Champs about a game or two early.

 After the news broke, the official clinch was postponed about a day or two. 

The Lakers Drama Continues

The Lakers re-signed a former player, Dennis Schroeder, who didn’t leave on good terms. But there wasn’t a need to re-sign Schroeder for the Lakers. 

The signing led to rumors and these rumors didn’t catch any dust either, as the Russell Westbrook trade talk continues. Signing a guard that wasn’t a need brought an idea to offload another. 

Westbrook apparently seems like the odd player out, so that’s the latest subject of Westbrook rumors. 

The Lakers continue to prepare as they look to begin their season on a winning note in October.