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Week of 10/05 to 10/13

The LA Sports Report

Abbasali Fazal, Sports Columnist

Rams Offense in Hibernation Mode

In their 22-10 loss Sunday, the Rams allowed just 16 points on defense against the Cowboys last Sunday (which is really good). But also their offense yet again went into hibernation mode.

Now how did the Cowboys score 22 points, but the Rams D allowed 16? Quarterback Matthew Stafford scored six points for the opposite team.  

It was a close game, and the Rams had a chance to tie it twice towards the end. However, the Rams’ offensive line was deflated, injured, and Cooper Kupp, along with Stafford also were banged up. And we figured out this week Aaron Donald also popped up on the injury report as well.

And on top of that, I’d call the offense “terrible.”

However, more news came out regarding Odell Beckham Jr., who described an offer made to him by the Rams as “lowest of the low” offers and “impossible” for him to reunite with the Rams. 

The Rams look to get back on track as they play the Panthers Sunday. The two teams square off in Los Angeles. The Panthers have their starting QB injured, head coach Matt Rhule fired—but he’ll still make $834,000 a month for the next 48 months, courtesy of the Carolina Panthers due to a guaranteed contract they made. They sit at 1-4. 

Hopefully the Panthers’ fans don’t storm Sofi Stadium just like the 49ers’ fans did and the Cowboys’ fans did as well.

Fan of the Year at Dodger Stadium

The MLB playoffs have begun with upsets left and right. The Mariners stunned the Blue Jays, the Phillies knocked out the Cardinals, the Padres topped the Mets, and the Guardians won in walkoff fashion versus the Rays. 

The Dodgers’ opponent for the Division Series, of course, are their old friends, the San Diego Padres.

Game 1 was electric, energized. Urias was amazing, the Dodgers offense for the first three or so innings was good, but the bullpen took the microphone that night. Not only the Dodger bullpen, but also the Padres’ bullpen, who in the first nine innings of this series shut out the Dodgers and allowed only three hits. The San Diego starting staff allowed 7 through 7.2 innings. 

But Game 2 was different. Even though they lost, with another controversial call in the books for Dave Roberts, neither did the Dodgers, nor the Padres, steal the show in Game 2. It was a Goose. The crowd went quackers!

 There was a debate between it being a duck or a goose. It was ruled as a goose. Though unfortunately that goose is going on the injured list. Maybe the lights made the goose a little confused. 

Tony Gonsolin gets the nod for Game 3. That would be the first San Diego home playoff game this year. The Padres did earn their first division series win in 16 years as they evened the series with the Dodgers!

The Phillies and Braves series is also a very good series, as is the Mariners and Astros, though the Mariners bullpen blew it again. At least Houston returned the favor Seattle offered to Toronto in their Wild Card series.

However, Dodger Stadium did establish they had a fanbase, stormed by blue and white fans. The Dodgers look to get back on track in Game 3 scheduled for Friday in San Diego.

Lakers Look Interesting During the Pre-Season

The Los Angeles Lakers’  2022 preseason is interesting, as the games are very fun to follow, watch, but they have only won one game in five contests. 

The headliner this week isn’t the pre-season matchup, except for the Lamelo Ball injury, but the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole incident.

To catch you up…Draymond Green and Jordan Poole were at it with each other in the Warriors practice facility. But Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole, which the Warriors fined, but didn’t suspend Draymond for it.

Now the video leaked, however, was turned into TMZ, which went viral on social media, was purchased for only about  $10,000! Now that is a bargain negotiation!

But you know how I’m connecting this to the Lakers? Draymond is rumored to be interested in playing for the Lakers. So the talented defensive player is interested in suiting up in purple and gold.

On a side note, this joke online shows how much the Lakers are hated online. “What’s the difference between the Lakers and a pinball machine?”. The answer to that is that you can score more points than the Lakers did. 

The Lakers continue prepping as they intend to begin the season with a dub Tuesday versus the Warriors—and possibly against Draymond Green, too.