Girls water polo team faces injuries

Cameron Pace, Reporter

The girls’ water polo team recently won their match at Banning on Feb. 8. The final score was 12-10, making it a tight game.

This semester’s last few games haven’t been the best as the team has been losing players due to many injuries.

On Feb. 3, they lost their game at San Pedro, the final score being 12-10.

“The last game was pretty close,” says coach Barton Gawboy. “If we hadn’t been accumulating so many injuries, we would have played more together.”

“They were a little sad by the loss, but we’ve progressed at what we were doing, so they were happy about doing things better,” said coach Gawboy.

The team’s wins and losses for the league is 2-6, but it is 4-8 overall. They are currently perfecting skills and abilities to help further their chances of getting a spot in the top four for playoffs.