Graffiti is Art

Graffiti is Art

Nichole Landaverde, Reporter

As we walk around different neighborhoods, we see graffiti. It is captivating to observe the mixture of colors used in street art. But is street art real art?

A basic form of graffiti is tagging, where the writer signs his name or signature with the use of spray paint and is used by taggers to mark territory. I do not approve of that. I don’t believe it requires much skill.

Graffiti is any painting, drawing, or writing on the surface of a public place. Artists often use it to emphasize certain social and political issues. This is not the same as tagging.

I believe graffiti is wrong only if the tagger hasn’t asked for consent to do so.

Graffiti and tagging are both considered illegal, but tagging is the marking of territory while graffiti takes skill to create artistic representations.

I believe graffiti should make people question art because there is always a purpose to why artists draw or paint. I don’t see it as graffiti, but just a way to draw what’s on your mind.

I believe that whoever wants to write on public property should think twice and find a reason or message behind it.

It is unnecessary to tag your name to claim territory. If tagging is to show pride in where you live or come from or is the only way people will know who you are, then it is not pride, it is possession of something that’s not yours.

Draw what’s on your mind and make strangers admire your art. Make people question your graffiti for being amazing to look at. To me, that is art.