Canadian Artist on the Rise

Canadian Artist on the Rise

Yesenia Vargas, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Canadian singer-songwriter Ruth Berhe, known as Ruth B, started her career by posting covers on Vine. One simple six-second video ended up providing her with a giant following.
Social media is now an outlet to help people become whatever they want. Internet bloggers like Casper Lee or Jenna Marbles post videos about their life on YouTube, while others use applications like Vine to post funny or singing videos. Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes was discovered by Island Records via Vine and is now a teen heartthrob.

Ruth B used the Vine application to showcase her delicate voice. She covered various artists from Fetty Wap to Ellie Goulding. One vine in particular converted her into an overnight sensation. She posted a Vine of her singing a song she wrote called “Lost Boy” which was inspired by the TV show “Once Upon Time.” That vine ended up getting 84,000 views. That short video captivated Columbia Records, who offered her a record deal. She now has a debut EP called, “The Intro.”

The title of her debut EP “The Intro” is smart since this isn’t a full record. This is an introduction to who Ruth B is and what musical elements she plans on delivering. The EP is composed of four tracks. “2 Poor Kids” is beautifully written with her calming voice and piano arrangement. The song itself tells a story of “2 Poor Kids, from a rich city” and the events surrounding them. The two kids are in love and prefer simple things in life since, “love gets ruined by money and power and fame.”

The full version of “Lost Boy” alludes to the tale of Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. “Golden” is a sweet tune about not giving up and ignoring the people who bring you down. That particular song brings a positive message as she sings, “I’m not done, I’m no loser, watch me take on my bright

Some kids today don’t feel confident about pursuing their interests since in today’s day and age, some care more about what other people think than their own opinion. When Ruth B sings about the reassurance of being yourself and achieving your dreams, it becomes a positive reminder to those kids who are doubting themselves. Her last song, “Superficial Love” is a tale of a how love shouldn’t be game and how the two people in the relationship should actually care about each other.