Camera Stolen from Art Teacher at Venice High

Andrea Lo, News Editor

Art teacher Mr. Christopher Wright’s camera was found missing on the morning of Wednesday, April 27.

The previous evening, before leaving his room, Mr. Wright said he had hung his Canon Rebel Camera on a hook next to his desk when all of his students had already left. The next morning, he came in and discovered that the camera was missing.

Mr. Wright then reported his camera to the administration and was told that they would replace his camera. His photos include those for his students’ projects, like self-portraits, for his art classes.

Mr. Wright has had his camera for seven years.

“It was a great camera,” said Mr. Wright. “I’m very upset.”

This theft comes at a bad time. Mr. Wright needs to take pictures of his students’ work for AP Studio Art to submit by the deadline. Without the camera, the students now need to take the photos themselves, which complicates the process, according to Mr. Wright, because it can involve many technical difficulties.

Fortunately, almost all the pictures on the camera were already imported into Mr. Wright’s computer.

As for whoever took it, there are no clear suspects. Mr. Wright does not suspect any students or the janitor, whom he is acquainted with. He says that the thief likely had a key to the room.

“Somebody had access to the room, and got in, and swiped it,” said Mr. Wright.

Venice High has experienced two break-ins earlier this year.