Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Almond Mckinely

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) meets on Mondays at lunch in the Corrective Room in the West Gym. The club is sponsored by Mr. Daniel Santos, one of the physical education teachers at Venice High School.

To join the club, simply go to one of the meetings. Although the club is called Fellowship of Christian Athletes, you don’t have to be a Christian or an athlete. The main purpose of the club is for students to come and enjoy being open and talk to other people about getting right with their life.

Every Monday, guest speakers come and tell their story about giving their life to God. “ I feel like God has came into my life a little bit more and I feel more open to talk about religion” said Naythan Luntumbue. “I just feel more blessed.”

The FCA organization offers summer camps at UCLA and UCDavis for all sports. Pizza is also given for free for anyone who attends the meeting.