Girls Volleyball

The girls volleyball team has kicked off the season with a solid 4-1 record. Their most recent game was at Fairfax on Sep. 22 where they took home a win of 3-0. They have defeated University High School, Hamilton High School, and Westchester High School and lost their only game to rival Palisades High School. According to coach Allen Hunt, they are “starting to play better” because they communicate.

The team had tryouts at the end of the last school year where they recruited junior Lorraine Bruce to the varsity team, who the choach said was a high impact player. When the school year started, there was another tryout for freshmans where Jacelin Mckie also made the varsity team. According to some players, freshman typically don’t advance to varsity because the coaches would like to help them develop their skills. Mckie has superior skills, said Coach Hunt.

Captain Kaitlin Craig says that she is proud of her teammates and how hard they work. She says the key to winning is communication.

“Working together and getting along helps us keep a good attitude,” said Craig. “We all want to play for each other.”