Only Some Seniors Get Off-Campus Passes

Chyna Dews, Reporter

Principle Oryla Wiedoeft has given the seniors the privilege to off campus passes during lunch.

To receive an off campus pass you must meet the requirements.

The student must have a 3.0 gpa and good attendance. This means no more than a total of five absences to anyone class, no more than 5 tardies total, no more than 3 tardies to anyone class.

Since there are requirements for the pass; students must re-apply for the upcoming season to make sure their attendance and grades still qualify.

Several students who submitted an application for an off campus pass this year haven’t heard back or gotten any further news on the passes.

Some students who’ve applied and met the requirements asked Ms Robina Reece why they weren’t receiving them and she told them to ask the Assistant Principal Richard Valerio. “Once they asked Mr.Valerio about their passes, they received them,” said Ms.Reece.