“Senioritis” is Here

Janelle Rose

Even though it’s only halfway through first semester, the phenomenon known as “senioritis” seems to have already set in. Senioritis is a term used to describe the lack of motivation and general disinterest in academics that is usually shown in students towards the end of their high school or college career. Some “symptoms” of senioritis also include laziness, decreased energy, unwillingness to attend classes, and increased irritability. Senioritis can occur at any school; how many seniors have it here at Venice?

To investigate, I conducted my own survey. I asked 50 different students four questions about their school experience since the start of their senior year. 48% of students responded that they experienced a newfound disinterest in their classes, along with 42% not caring for school activities, 20% caring less about their grades, and 38% not concerned about attendance or tardiness. While not the majority, this is still a problem.

What can we do? Educational websites give suggestions such as setting long-term goals for ourselves, thinking of the future, and aiming to make the year memorable and fun by attending school events and spending time with friends. Other suggestions include using study groups as a way to stay on top of your schoolwork and stay engaged in your classes. Keeping an interest in school is the best way to keep yourself on track and make sure you don’t fall victim to senioritis.