Spring Fling Postponed

Andrea Garcia, Web Editor and Reporter

The Spring Fling has been postponed till further notice due to the lack of tickets sold to students. It was the first Spring Fling that Venice High had planned. It may possibly be turned into a lunch time dance

In order to have the dance, the school would have had to sell 50 tickets by March 22, but they were short by around 30.

Leadership was in charge of planning and setting up the event that would have taken place on March 24 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m in the West gym. A DJ was going to come and play for the dance as well.

When asked why he didn’t purchase a ticket to the Spring Fling, senior Jagdeep Singh said, “What’s that?” Several other students also said that they didn’t know about the dance.

The Spring Fling’s tickets were sold for $15, but if a student had purchased the Spirit Package in August, it was included. Despite this, they still did not want the ticket.

“I only heard about it once and I don’t like how it was in the gym,” says senior Jacky Juarez.

The theme was “Midnight in Paris.”

“I didn’t have anyone to go with and it was inconvenient for me on a Friday night,” says junior Trinity Montoya. “ The theme didn’t match anything I had and had nothing to do with spring.”