Tri -M Music Honor Society Starts at Venice High School

Vivian Lewis, Reporter

In a new music society that just started at Venice this year, established by instrumental music director Mr. David Lee, 28 students are now members of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. The program advocates recognition to young aspiring musicians from grades 6-12, who maintain an above average academic performance. One of the benefits as member Roland Nieto says, “for me, it helps explore better musical opportunities”

To be in the honor society, students need a recommendation from Mr. David Lee, to be enrolled in a music class, and have good grades.

There are approximately 6,200 participating students from different countries in Tri-M guided by their instructor or music teacher. There are several ways Tri-M recognizes and awards their members, first through the 2016-2017 Chapter of the Year Scholarship Award, and Recognition of Excellence that awards students for their outstanding work ethic. Tri-M individual awards recognize students with high music theory ability and mastery. Recognition also goes to those that show leadership performance in activities and in music, show outstanding service in regard to working and contributing with their peers on their behalf, and finally to those who demonstrate representation of their school.