SRLA Kickoff 5K

Julissa Ventureno, Features Reporter

On Sunday, Sept. 25 around 7:30 a.m., 3,200 runners stood at the starting line of the Students Run LA Kickoff 5K at Dockweiler Beach. Among the ocean of anxious runners, stood Venice High’s own SRLA team of 25 runners. They were stretching, tying their shoelaces or adjusting their earphones.

Everyone was there for one reason, to kickoff their training with a short 5K run with the rest of SRLA teams in the city. A look of determination appeared in the runners’ faces as the race was about to begin. When the countdown began and the loud “go” was heard, they all gracefully started running like a series of small waves running towards land.

Many Venice SRLA members commented that running has had a positive impact on their lives such as giving them sense of freedom when they run, a sense of accomplishment and improving their stamina.

“I’ve been part of SRLA for a while, but I noticed this year I finished earlier than last year,” said Venice SRLA member Xavier Fletes.

Other Venice SRLA members mentioned that listening to the cheering of their family and friends encouraged them not to stop running until they reached the end of the beach route.

In completion of the race, the runners received a part in the SRLA family, a medal and a SRLA shirt.