WLGS Magnet Students Watch “Hamlet”

Julissa Ventureno, Assistant Features Editor and Photographer

World Language and Global Studies Magnet students went to see the play “Hamlet” performed at the Santa Monica College Eli and Edythe Broad Stage on April 6. The play was unusual because of the lack of detail in sets and costumes and the fact that there were only four actors playing various roles.

“I thought that the performance was nice and the actors came through and performed well,” said junior Ulises Peralta. “I would have enjoyed it more if it was a “high production” with sets and costume changes. My favorite scene was probably the sword fight.”

Although a couple of students disliked the time they had to wait to actually see the play, many were still very excited because they were wondering how “Hamlet” will be performed with only four actors.

“At first I didn’t understand what they were saying, but once it was explained I was able to enjoy it more,” said junior Makayla Martinez. “My favorite scene was the last scene because it was funny and dramatic. My least favorite scene was the second one because I thought it was boring.”

Venice High School was one school out of about 10 other schools that got to attend this play for free, according to Maryann Rose, a chaperone and an English teacher. The other chaperones included Bonnie Roche Blair, retired teachers such as Ms. Nagata, Ms. Otto, Ms. Shimizu, and a parent, Ms. Karalee Nakatsuka.

When asked what his thoughts were on “Hamlet,” junior Christopher Nakatsuka said, “It wasn’t my favorite production. It was too long and kinda boring. My favorite scene was when the chalice rolled in like a complete circle- it was pretty funny. The scene in which they put on a play to reveal that Hamlet’s uncle killed his father was my least favorite scene. It was super confusing and boring.”

Prior to this field trip, there was a study session to help students approach Shakespeare and his play Hamlet. The session was held after school on April 5 by Carolyn Willcox, Venice’s Italian teacher, who provided pizza for those who came.

“I loved Act Three because of the fighting scene and the ending was so unexpected because I didn’t think everyone dies,” said junior Leslie Abrenica. “I honestly thought Hamlet would live.”

Venice students went to the SMC Broad Stage after breakfast in the classroom. They returned halfway through six period. Venice got the chance to sit on the balcony and were even provided with granola bars and water during intermissions.