College Signing Day


Julissa Ventureno

Seniors having fun while taking pictures with their college flags.

Nevan Campos, Asst. Opinion Editor

On May 4, seniors were invited to the West Gym to participate in the second annual College Signing Day during 4th period. College Signing Day was led by College Counselor Jamie Simon-Meyer who said it is a time to congratulate and celebrate the graduating class for all they have accomplished and overcome throughout their four years at Venice, regardless of what their next step in their career is.

Shara Wade, ASB president, gave a heartfelt speech about her experiences as a high school student and her time in the theater department and as ASB president. She said high school in real life was even better than what the movies made it out to be.

Venice High School Alumni Association President and retired Venice teacher of 35 years, Grant Francis, introduced the next speaker, William Kay.

Kay graduated Class of 1991 and is also a member of the Alumni Association. He spoke about his time at Venice after he was transferred from Westchester for getting into trouble there. Ten years after graduating high school, he decided to go to law school. He went to Santa Monica College and graduated with 16 As and two Bs, then transferred to UCLA and graduated cum laude. The aim of his speech was to teach the audience to endure the struggles school might cause and keep on pursuing their goals.

“It was fun,” said Nico Machamer, about his time at Venice. ”There was a lot of challenges, but it was definitely a positive experience.” He will be attending Santa Monica College after graduation, and he hopes to go into psychology to help people who are in need.

“It went by really quickly but I loved it, I definitely wouldn’t have changed [schools], it was really fun,” said Abby Barron, who received a full-ride scholarship to Mount Saint Mary’s University. “I became a better person.” When asked about her hopes for the future, she said “I hope that I can work in the music industry and successful, and just to be happy, regardless of the job.”

The next speaker was class sponsor David Lee, who ended his casual yet meaningful speech with a few wise words from Star Wars in honor of May 4.

After Ms. Simon-Meyer closed the ceremony, cheerful music played and a slideshow of pictures of students holding the pennant of their future college played on the screen. Seniors were invited to come down for free cake and have some time to socialize, take pictures, and get excited for the future with their fellow classmates.

“I thought it was good,” said Olympia Miccio, about their time at Venice. “While it was happening it felt like it took a long time. Now that it’s over, it feels like it went by really quickly.” Miccio hopes to also become a musician and become an even more creative person.