iPads for the World Language Magnet

Steven Dimas, Assistant Features Editor

The World Languages and Global Studies Magnet recently received 30 iPads for the foreign language classes from the Friends of Venice Magnet.

These iPads are to be used to help students experience learning activities other than what is offered in the classroom, said Italian teacher Ms. Carolyn Willcox.

The iPads include apps like Duolingo, Jupiter Grades, and Quizlet. But some educational websites like Quizlet are blocked.

Only some of the language classes use the iPads once a week. Monday is Spanish, Wednesday is Japanese, and Thursday is for Italian.

“I look forward to continue to try new ways to supplement curriculum throughout the iPads,” said Ms. Willcox.

“I love the iPads because we get to use electronics in class,” said sophomore I‘sis Wyche.