Breakfast in the classroom

Janalthy Orozco, Reporter

Breakfast in the Classroom was first served Oct. 29. Breakfast in the classroom is a way to give students who aren’t eating a chance to eat. Between periods one and two, two students are assigned to report to the cafeteria from each class to pick up two food carts. The bell schedule now reflects a nutrition break for students and teachers of only 17 minutes instead of 24 minutes.
Teachers and students have different opinions about the program.
When asked Mr. Art Lindauer, Graphic Arts teacher, about the BIC, he said, “breakfast shouldn’t be in class, but it’s working out and there hasn’t been any problems or interference.” But he added that many students are throwing out the food or ignoring it. He further mentions he hasn’t heard any complaints about the food.
“1 out of 5 days in the week, the food’s good and lots of kids eat when it’s enjoyable, like coffee cake, pancakes, and little hot-pocket-looking things and only like the orange juice,” said Mr. Arnold Winston, Auto Mechanics teacher. Mr. Arnold explains that, “kids should be thankful of the food instead of complaining.”
A few students have found problems with the breakfast they are given.
“There was a big black round thing in my milk when I opened it,” said senior Melissa Nava. One student indicated that now, the breakfast is old news so students aren’t interested in eating it anymore.
“Mostly, everyone used to get breakfast but now no one wants to get up and get something, unless it’s orange juice,” said Junior Randy Chavez.