2019 is the Rainiest Year in a Decade

Sebastian Escobar, News Reporter

Umbrellas, puddles, squeaky shoes and soaked students. Welcome to 2019, the rainiest year in a decade.

In the first two and a half months of the year, Los Angeles has received 13.73 inches of rain. That’s more than every year since 2010 and there’s still more than nine months left in the year.

It’s made getting to school hard.

“It doubles our tardy rate,” said Patricia Futia, PSA Counselor.

Senior Daniel Ortiz said it makes everything more difficult.

“One day I only brought one sweater and I got soaked,” he said. “I was cold the whole day.”

It’s not easy getting around school, once students arrive.

“It’s an open campus, kids get soaking wet between classes,” said Italian teacher Carolyn Willcox. “They have to run to different parts of the school and there’s no shelter.”

She admitted to loving the weather because the area has been dry for so long.

Some students also recognized the benefits of the rain.

“It helps the plants grow,” said senior Miguel Gomez. “It’s good to get rain.”

Senior Algie Simpson agreed.

“I love it because I like to hear the rain bounce against the windows,” he said.  

Athletic Director Alfredo Korzenik said the large amounts of rain cause events and buses to get canceled and rescheduled. So far there have only been a handful of rainouts but that number will increase as the rain continues.

Teaching assistant Jennifer Quan has had enough.

“It was great at first but it’s cold and keeps raining every day. I say, ‘no, heck no,’ when I see the rain now,” she said.

Senior Luis Jacobo sees the benefits and the negatives.

“It’s good because I get free car washes but one day my car got soaked because I left my windows cracked,” he said.