Eugenia Cooney


Image from Eugenia Cooney’s Instagram

Daniel Ho, Asst. Website Editor

Popular Youtube star Eugenia Cooney addressed rumors of her death from anorexia in a February tweet. Fans of her account at Venice expressed relief that she is getting help.

Cooney, who has 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube, came to fame when she posted the video, “My Mom Turns Me PREPPY,” in February 2016, which currently has 22.3 million views. Cooney, 24, is best known for her fashion and beauty-related content and caught audience’s attention with her emo looks and extremely skinny figure.

Her last video, which she posted about a month ago in which Cooney cosplayed characters from Kingdom Hearts, the popular video game, had fans noticing that she looked significantly skinnier than she did in most of her videos. Many worried about her health and well-being

Most recently, Cooney tweeted out to fans that she was taking a break from social media and Youtube as she is privately visiting a doctor.

In her Feb. 10 tweet, Cooney stated, “hi guys! I appreciate the concern. I’m taking a break from social media and voluntarily working on this with my doctor privately. Please respect that.”

“It’s good that she finally got help but I feel like it was way later than it should’ve been,” says junior Shelby Coleman.

Cooney has been attacked with anorexia rumors since she started her channel back in 2011 and has denied them multiple times. However, it seems like she has finally decided to start getting medical help for her suspected eating disorder.

“I’m proud that she’s finally receiving help, it’s sad though that it took this long and after so much struggle,” says junior Evan Rocha.

Hopefully in the near future, Cooney will be able to get the help she needs and get back to making content her fans adore.