Detective Pikachu Review

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Detective Pikachu Review

Julian Pinto, Reporter

“Detective Pikachu” is the first live-action Pokémon movie and is based on the game with the same name. The movie follows Tim Goodman after he finds out that his father, ace detective Harry Goodman, died in a car crash. Judging from the trailers, I was worried that a live-action adaptation of Pokemon wouldn’t translate well, but in the end, it worked well.

While searching his father’s apartment, he finds his father’s Pikachu. The Pikachu tells Tim Goodman that he is sure that his father isn’t dead and that they must find him. Before going in the apartment he was confronted by journalist Lucy Stevens, who helps Tim Goodman in the search for his father. Tim Goodman is played by Justice Smith, Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds and Lucy played by Kathryn Newton.

Before watching the movie, I was skeptical about a few things. The first thing was the Pokemon’s appearance, in the trailers, some of the Pokemon looked pretty creepy and unnatural. In the movie though, I thought the Pokemon looked really well and cute, some of them were still creepy, but only intentionally.

Another worry was about how many Pokemon were going to appear in the movie because in the trailer not many were shown and they had over 800 Pokemon to choose from. In the end, there were plenty of Pokemon like a cute pack of Bulbasaurs, or a bunch of Loudreds DJing with Diplo, a Snorlax sleeping in the street and many more.

Lastly I was worried that it would follow the curse of video game movies being consistently bad like “Hitman” and “Silent Hill,” and I can thankfully say that it broke the spell.

The movie is fun that anyone can enjoy, even if you aren’t a fan of Pokemon. Ryan Reynolds at first seems like a weird choice to be Pikachu, considering his other roles, but he’s his usual hilarious self, just a little toned down. The visuals in the movie are also pretty good, like the CGI and the backgrounds which fit well with each other and the world.  

One problem with the movie is that it has some plot holes like the ending reveal is something Tim Goodman should have pieced together towards the beginning of the movie.

Detective Pikachu is an all-around good film with good visual effects, comedy that lands and makes you laugh, and a good cast of characters. The Oarsman gives Detective Pikachu a 4/5.

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