STEMM council

Thomas Koon, Opinion Editor

STEMM Council is responsible for representing the STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Math Medicine) magnet, and they’re making a return with a new leadership team consisting of seniors Estefany Huerta, Luke Titan, and Julissa Hernandez. 

When asked on why they ran for leadership positions, Hernandez stated that she admired last year’s seniors who ran the club. Huerta stated that she wanted to make the most out of STEMM. 

Last year, STEMM Council organized the yearly Pi Day, a biomedicine workshop at the local Boys and Girls Club, a hot chocolate day, and other events. 

They also plan to host STEMM days at local middle schools, allowing the students to see what the STEMM is about. They hope to convince future high schoolers to join the magnet program at these events. Something they’ve done so far is sell hot chocolate and promote the STEMM program at Back to School Night.

STEMM Council meets Fridays at lunch in room 245.