Nick Tomlin, Reporter

PhotoVoice is an after-school program at Venice High School that allows students to explore the unique world of photography. Since it came to Venice three years ago, many students have participated because of the opportunities it provides to use real-world photography methods and equipment. 

PhotoVoice works in partnership with UCLA, who bring their own photography students to help teach those who join the program. Specifically, PhotoVoice exposes students to various methods of photography that empower them to express themselves. 

“I like the materials first because I don’t have a camera and we get to use the cameras and different materials like reflectors and other things that I never had access to and also learning new things because of the teachers,” said 10th grader Beyonce Ramirez, in a Youtube video from PhotoVoice. One of the most beneficial aspects of PhotoVoice is that they provide high quality cameras and photography tools that many students wouldn’t normally have the means to attain.

 PhotoVoice accepts both well-versed and novice photographers to the program, which began on August 29th. The group meets after school on Thursdays in Room 12. If you are still interested in joining, talk to Ms. Ruth Greene in Room 12.

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