Students Deserve

Izzy Gariel, Reporter

Students Deserve is a fairly new club to Venice.  Elections for their 2019-2020 President starts the week of Sept. 3. Last year’s president was Thomas Koon. Students Deserve was created to get student voices heard. 

Mya Edwards is one of many Students Deserve’s main planners. She posted about the organization on her Instagram last year, and when she did that she got Koon’s attention and he decided to join. Kids can join at anytime during the school year.  

“Being this year’s President would be good. I could get a lot done, like last year.”  Koon said. If you would like to join Students Deserve, it doesn’t require anything but a little bit of commitment, said Koon.  And even then it’s not a lot. We meet in room 232 during lunch on Mondays.

Last year Venice’s goals for Students Deserve was to just make the organization more known. But this year they would like to meet all goals such as adding new students, expanding Students Deserve to other schools. 

When they hold their meetings they mainly discuss the pricing, consider the cost, and notify the entire organization. 

“If I could do one thing for the organization it would be to expand our organization. Move it to more schools,” Koon said. 

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