Study Abroad in Japan

Studying Abroad in Japan


Shia Wade 

Staff writer


   Via Mariano went on a one month trip in July 2019 to Tokyo in Japan and had a spectacular trip. The trip was meant for her to study the Japanese language and become familiar with the culture. She went with people she wasn’t totally familiar with but enjoyed the trip as if she knew them all along. 


 “It was pretty amazing, I went in without knowing anybody from school.  I went into the second session without my friend so I didn’t know anybody. I was the only one who didn’t know anybody, so I went in scared. It was wild. I made a lot of friends,” said Mariano.


 “I’m a senior and I’m thinking about the future,” said Mariano. “A big aspect is I want to go into business. I want to work with Japanese American business trade. I went to an elementary school in Japan and seeing them inspired me to be an elementary school teacher. That’s the career I’m pursing right now and that’s was something special I took from the class.”


  She studied the language  by taking Japanese classes in the morning where they studied the language for four hours. Her program was all about the Japanese language itself versus other programs in the CIEE where they focus on the culture.  “When you go in you are going to be scared but it’s just a crazy experience that not a lot of people get to have. So the fact that someone can do it, you grow up a little bit and learn how to be independent. “





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