Famous People Who Have the N Word

Izzy Gariel, reporter

Famous people who have said the N-word


In this article I will state a few famous people who have said the N-word, and why that is not okay if you are not African-American. Although people call it double standards. Just for common courtesy:

  1. Gina Rodriquez
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. Eminen
  4. Elvis Presley

A small example would be Genia Rodriquez. W e do not know if they are being racist or if they think they’re being cool for using a racial slur when these folks are not apart of the African-American culture, obviously. 

If you choose to use this word, and you are not African American, know what kind of trouble you can get into. 

Gina Rodriquez was singing “ready or not” by the Fugies and in that song they say the N-word. Some believe that because they are from New York, it is a different situation, especially if they’re in the hip-hop community, which she is. It is ok for her to say it. 

Because of the rap community’s producers they started to allow rappers to use the N-word because rap was apart of the African-American culture. So therefore the word was towards the rap community because that word means history to them, it is a racial slur. So because non-African-American people are saying it, it is an insult, regardless. 

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