Martin Luther King’s legacy still lives with us today

Amiah Woods, Reporter

The historical drama film “Selma” portrays a three-month long movement in 1965, when Martin Luther King Jr. led a campaign to pass a law that prohibits discrimination in voting. The movie shows the dangerous and heroic marches and violence that surrounded by the passing of this law. “Selma” tells the true story of Dr. Martin Luther King, his family and friends who also played a big part in changing the world. It describes the long intense march from Selma to Montgomery that forced President Johnson to sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

David Oyelowo was excellent in his performance, not only did he favor King but he did very well at sounding like him. The director chose the actors and actress well to play the roles of the characters.“Selma” is definitely an emotional movie. It sparked feelings of anger, sadness, and desire to go out and make a difference in the world. Many moments in the movie made me I question if I would be brave enough to go out face the things that these people went through in order to make a change.

The director Ava Du Vernay did a great job at showing all the black people’s struggles and emotion through the movie. Although I didn’t see why showing that Dr. Martin Luther King was constant cheater to his wife was necessary and it took away some admiration for him. His adultery had nothing to do with his work and what he fought for and it portrayed him in a negative light. I’m not saying that he should’ve been portrayed as a saint, but it was a film on the civil rights movement, not a Dr. Martin Luther King biography. The director should have just stuck with strictly getting the message across. Other then that, it was a great movie with a great message and it’s definitely a movie people should go out and support.