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Julissa Ventureno
Bonjour, people of the world. I am 17 years old and a senior here at Venice High. This is my second year in The Oarsman. I was Assistant Features Editor and official Features Photographer in my first year in The Oarsman. I'm co-founder and director of The Oarsman Report YouTube Channel. (Shout out to Esdras for starting it with me!) As well as co-founder and photographer for Humans of Venice High. (Shout out to Alicia for being my partner for Humans!)

I love that The Oarsman is an amazing place to practice and improve my skills. It also gives me a chance to leave my legacies at Venice High.

The following are a few fun facts about myself. My dream school is UCLA. I am super awkward. I have a puppy named Prince. I love Blink 182. I have a passion for taking photographs because that allows me to capture beautiful and amazing moments in my life, and also not so amazing moments.

Julissa Ventureno, Editor-in-chief

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