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Donald Holland Says Goodbye to Venice High

After teaching at Venice High School for 17 years,  Donald Holland has come across many new learning opportunities. 

Mr. Holland teaches Algebra II and Principles of Engineering. He first started off as a chemical engineer for a company that made sonar equipment but then decided he wanted to start his teaching career. His main goal was to give students the tools to escape poverty. 

Starting his teaching career in 2004 was very time-consuming for Holland. He went through the district program where he had to teach during the day and attend classes at night. But in the end, he did it because that was the career he wanted to follow through with.

One of his greatest accomplishments has been seeing kids work hard and get into great colleges. He hopes Venice will continue being a great school that helps students

Mr. Holland is choosing to retire because he has reached the points needed for lifetime health coverage. He is leaving behind the stress that he’s collected while being a teacher.  “I will miss my colleagues, but life is about new beginnings,” he said.

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