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Mr. Rojo

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Mr. Rojo


It is 2021 — the era of one job, one vocation, has long since passed.  You are not expected to know exactly what your next five to ten years are going to look like. Heck, even choosing a major or deciding your next steps after Venice High School — while important first steps, these are far from binding.  Take a deep breath, and take solace in the fact that anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is either fooling themselves or not in the majority.  Take it from someone who, at age 29, decided to go back to school and change careers.  While what I teach now is related to my first career, my point here is that I want you to be comfortable knowing that choosing another career or path in life is okay, and even good.  Every life experience gives you a chance to learn and grow and helps you clarify what it is you want in life.  I can guarantee that I am a better teacher and also much happier, having done something prior to teaching.  If you find yourself on the wrong path, change course.  You have my support.  Human beings are not destined or programmed to do only one thing.  Good luck, Class of 2021.

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