How you can return textbooks and clean out lockers at Venice


Ashley Bueno, Reporter

Starting tomorrow June 3,  students will have a chance to return books and school equipment. Many students received a message in Schoology about what to do and when to arrive.

“Students will be asked to come to school by an alphabetic appointment,” said Asst. Principal Franklin Nuñez. Students are to arrive starting June 3 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in last name order. Students were initially allowed to arrive until 3 p.m., but an announcement on June 2 from Asst. Principal Frank Nuñez limited the student visits until 12 p.m. The adjusted schedule, which is posted on the Venice High School website, continues until June 11. 

While returning books, students will have a chance to clean out their lockers. Students are supposed to clean out their belongings and leave their lockers open.

The entrance to the gym lockers will be through the northside of campus. Walgrove Avenue  is currently closed, so parents will have to find parking on the streets, since construction workers are using the Venice Boulevard staff parking lot. Students and parents will be required to wear masks and follow the 6-feet apart policy. 

“Please check and follow the drop-off schedule by arriving at the appointed times,” said teacher Brian Bleser in a Schoology update message 

Students will have to leave their books in the textbook room. Only 50 students will be allowed in the textbook room per hour. Novels, library books and textbooks will need to be returned to the book room. Books should have their name on them on a post-it. Students with uniforms or music equipment will have to go to Room 106 in the East Building. Names will also have to be on music equipment and uniform and uniforms must be in a bag.

No gatherings will be allowed on campus. Computers and calculators will have to be turned in to Room 105 in the East Building. Chromebooks will be scanned in. Any items left in any hall or PE locker after June 11 will be discarded

Seniors will be able to pick up their gown and cap on June 8 and 9, the same day they drop off their items, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Room 211 upstairs in the East Building.