Online School Reflections


Kayla Leon

With the school year coming to a close, Venice students are pushing through the last couple of weeks of the semester. Remote learning was an unexpected transition for students and teachers and it called for some quick getting used to. 

Most teachers began using online platforms like Zoom. Teachers like Captain Dobbs and Ms. Julia Bare created temporary Instagram accounts to teach students virtually. 

“Transitioning into online classes has been difficult, especially with Zoom meetings,” said junior Celine Vasquez. “It has been challenging due to various technical difficulties. For example, sometimes with the meetings, it’s difficult to hear teachers, it freezes all of sudden, and sometimes the links for the zoom meetings don’t work.” 

Some students have felt that remote learning has not been the best experience for them. Most of the learning that would have been done at school, is now harder to do at home. Studying from home or wherever students may be can be more distracting than usual, especially with family and possibly younger siblings around.

“School was better because you know that you will have no interruptions, but at home you have so many interruptions you can’t always do your homework or study,” said junior Catherine Gallegos.

“Online class has not been so good for me, since I am a person that gets distracted very easily,” said junior Julian Martinez. “The work that should only take a couple minutes takes a couple hours, so that’s not great.”

Education in the physical classroom versus online has different outcomes. Teachers may experience a hard time expressing instructional content to their pupils, especially long and complex assignments or assessments. The physical distance also posed a difficulty in that  teachers had difficulty assessing students’ level of understanding  of the course content.

 “I personally don’t enjoy remote learning, I would prefer going to school rather than online learning,” said Vasquez. “Learning online is harder because it feels like you have to learn the material on your own. I prefer going to school because I feel like I was focused and more engaged in the subject I was learning.”