Highlighting Seniors of The Oarsman


The Oarsman in front the newsroom, bungalow 11.

Kayla Leon, Photo Editor

With the year coming to an end, Oarsman Seniors get ready to graduate and reflect on their time spent in the journalism class. 

Here are some of their favorite memories, goals for the future, as well as advice for future staff.



Carmen Perez, Features Editor

Carmen Perez will be attending Holden School of Arts and Humanities in Italy.

“My favorite memory in class is probably just staying during late nights doing layout and having a nice time with everyone.

Journalism impacted my life because I learned a different type of writing than what I am used to. I also made friends and many beautiful memories.

Don’t freak out if you make mistakes because the more mistakes you make the more you learn. Life is full of infinite possibilities so try to get out of your comfort zone and explore the uncertainties of life.

I am a natural storyteller so my goal in life is to share stories and be a screenwriter and film director.”


Kelly White, Sports Editor

Kelley White will be attending the University of California, Santa Cruz and majoring in legal studies.

“My favorite memory in class was when my friend and I were arguing to get his story finished because it just shows how being a reporter for The Oarsman is not always easy as most people think it is. There are deadlines and it’s a tough job especially if you are an editor, and I think that was clear once everyone was staring at us yelling at each other. Although, I really enjoyed layouts, because I had close friends to talk to and to inspire me and motivate me to keep on going regardless if it was till 10 pm.

It definitely made me a better writer and made me realize how no, it’s not easy to be a reporter or editor, because before I joined I definitely thought it was an easy job. I realized that deadlines are essential and getting your part of the job done is too.

My advice for reporters is to just get their work done on time and enjoy being around people who have similar interests as you, have fun because that’s what it’s all about.

My main goal in life is to become a flourishing immigration lawyer and help people get the justice they deserve and help a lot of Latinos. Most importantly, make my family happy and see them smile.”


Genine Chavez, Entertainment Editor

Genine Chavez will be going to California State University Northridge, majoring in real estate and minoring in interior design.

“My favorite memory would be when we would have late nights because we would bond more with the other staff and just collaborate our ideas. It was overall the best time.

The class has impacted me in good aspects, as I’ve become a better writer and I’ve become more comfortable to speak what’s on my mind and contribute to my writing.

My advice to the incoming staff would be to not procrastinate on your stories ! Unless you want to stay very late. Also talk to everyone because you never know if a story will come out of it.

My goal in life is to just enjoy it to its fullest potential, especially since we’ve been in lock down for months. And hopefully the biggest goal I have is to study in New York for interior design.” 


Daniel Ho, Website Editor

Daniel Ho will be going to Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Kinesiology.

“My favorite memories of the class are hanging out with my friends during late nights.

Being in journalism has definitely helped me as a writer. Before joining the class I had a hard time writing any sort of essay or other assignments, but after the class it became a lot easier for me.

My advice is don’t procrastinate on your stories, you’ll regret it later!

My goal in life is to become a part of a professional sports teams training staff and work with pro athletes.”


Thomas Koon, Opinion Editor

Thomas Koon will be going to the University of California, San Diego for computer engineering.

“My favorite memory in the class is when Dominic accidentally spilled some food onto the table and Alaina said “you’re so messy Dominic! you need to be punished!” and all three of us just sat there reeling from the awkwardness.

This class has helped me improve my leadership skills since I was forced to work with a variety of people each with different needs.


Goal: I want to have an extremely muscular and aesthetic neck, preferably 18 inches of circumference or more.”


Maryssa Rodriguez, News Editor

Maryssa Rodriguez will be attending Cal Poly Pomona for Business Administration.

“My favorite memory in the class was going to the watch party for the Democratic debate at LMU, even though we didn’t get to go to the actual debate, I still had a lot of fun bonding with the people in my class. I also have many other great moments in the class, layouts were always fun because we would play music and get creative by helping each other out with our pages. I feel like we built a little community in our class and it was a very welcoming space.

Being in journalism has developed my writing and time management skills.

My advice to incoming staff would be to enjoy every moment in the class, build friendships, have fun, and don’t slack off!

My goal in life is to be content in whatever I choose to do and inspire people. I also want to travel and live my life to the fullest extent.”


Dominic Fanaris, Copy and Layout Editor

Dominic Fanaris is going to the University of California, Santa Cruz and majoring in computer science: computer game design.

“My favorite memory in journalism would be staying late with the editors during layout to work on the paper. We had a lot of fun working together.

The class has definitely impacted me by allowing me to view problems from different perspectives, as well as showing me the value of working together with friends and associates.

My advice for incoming staff would be to be mindful and considerate of students as you might not know what is going on in their lives that may impact their performance and attitude in school.

I think my proper goal in life is to find a way to stand out among others and to always truly be myself.

A last thing I’d like to add is advice for every student at Venice next year: Work hard, but don’t become too stressed out during school, exams, and college apps, because your future will end up being way more than that. It’s good to do well in school, but it’s okay to have some fun along the way.”


Hiromi Maeda, Photo Editor

Hiromi Maeda will be going to the University of Oregon to major in psychology and minor in business.

“My favorite memory in the class was passing out the newspapers with my classmates Mae Canete and Andy.

Honestly being in journalism has impacted me a lot because I’ve been able to improve my writing as well as have some type of experience in journalism.

Some advice for the incoming staff would be to do your articles before late night so you don’t actually have to stay for late night.

My goal is to successfully graduate from college as a First Generation student in my family.” 


Graham Wells, Copy Editor

Graham Wells will be attending Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and majoring in Communications.

“My favorite memories in journalism were all during Late Nights when we got to hang out after school together and write out stories. The first day we got our journalism hoodies was also fun because we got to take a bunch of squad pics.

Being in this class has made me realize how important our jobs are and that there are people in our community who rely on us to share the news and it made me a better writer as a result.

My advice for incoming staff is to become friends with the editors in the class because they can give you the freedom to write stories you want and don’t be afraid to share your ideas for new stories or columns because we’re always looking for stories to write.

I don’t have overall goals in life but I hope I have fun in college and meet the right people to help better me as a person and help me find a career path.”


Charity Grant, Entertainment Reporter

Charity Grant will be attending the historically black college, Southern University.

“I have so many favorite memories from the journalism class this year, such as attending the Democratic debate at LMU with my fellow classmates and getting the opportunity to be able to be interviewed by PBS and the LA Times, our end-of-the-year potluck party, instead of taking a final, our late nights and when we would have what I called ‘donut day’.

Being in journalism allowed me to better express myself through writing and gave me a voice at Venice. I always knew what was going on at school and was the go-to person for all my friends and teachers when they needed to know anything that was happening at Venice. The constant editing and writing while being in journalism also helped me raise my SAT score 100 points which was a bonus.

My advice to the incoming staff would be to get your story or artwork done as soon as possible. It makes everyone’s job easier, and you don’t want to be in the last hour stressing. You want to have your work already completed so you can just sit back. Take it from someone who had their editor breathing down their neck, get your story or artwork in.

My goal in life is to become a psychologist. I want to help eliminate the stigma of mental health in the black community and I want people who look like me to understand the importance of mental health and that they matter just as much as anyone else.

Last thing to add, journalism is one of the few classes that bring students together. Often students at Venice don’t get to meet other students outside of their magnets and programs so Venice is often divided. Journalism was open to everyone from Stem to Media to WLGs to ALPS so everyone was able to apply to be in the class. What I loved about journalism the most was I was able to meet so many different types of students that I wouldn’t have met on my own. The class was filled with so many different types of personalities, interests and opinions. Everyone had a voice to share and there was always something eccentric going on. Journalism is a class to express yourself and get away from the typical classroom setting, you can move at your own pace, as long you finish before the deadline. I’m happy I joined journalism and was able to be a part of the Oarsman!” 


Rita Gamboa, Features Reporter and Photographer

Rita Gamboa will be attending Santa Monica College.

“My favorite memory is when we went to go sell the advertisements around Venice.

This class has made me more sociable due to the fact that I had to interview people I’ve never met.

My advice is to not procrastinate on stories and to ask for help if you need it.

After SMC, I plan to transfer to a university and major in animation, then get a well paying job and move out.”


Michelle Mateo, Sports Reporter and Illustrator

Michelle Mateo will be going to West Los Angeles Community College for two years and then transferring.

“My favorite memory in the class is probably sitting next to Estefany and Alaina. They’d always make me laugh about everything and anything.

This class has impacted me in many ways. I got to meet new people, experience new things, and made many unforgettable memories.

Do not procrastinate! Procrastination will be your worst enemy. Don’t shy away either. Being in journalism is a special experience so take full advantage of it.

My goal is to make my parents proud and provide for them in the future. They came to this country without anything and yet they gave me everything.”


Marina Eskander, Entertainment Reporter and Illustrator

Marina Eskander will be going to Santa Monica College and then transfering to a University.

“My favorite memory in class was when I found out my first article got published after a few of my stories didn’t get published in the paper.

Being in this class really helped me with my writing skills. Before taking this class I didn’t really know where to put my sources or how to structure a good story.

Some advice I have for the incoming staff is do not be afraid to ask questions because if you don’t you’ll have no idea what’s going on in that class.

One of my goals in life is to never be afraid to do something that is getting in the way of my goal, even if it scares me. Avoiding things is what keeps me from growing as a person.”


Nicholas Tomlin, Features Reporter

Nick Tomlin will be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara and majoring in Political Science.

“My favorite memory is when Skye came into class to help Dho with his story and then he got mad at me for filming.

This class improved my writing skills and helped me stay on topic.

My advice is to do your work before late night.

My goal in life is to become a talk show host.”







Mae Canete, Sports Reporter

Mae Canete will be going to the University of Central Oklahoma to major in Psychology.

“I loved the environment and energy of the room. Journalism is a class full of young, bright, powerful minds who all have the capability to thrive and do great things.

I wish the incoming staff tremendous good luck. I will make sure to stay updated on Venice through The Oarsman.

My goal is to do well and play tennis when I move to Oklahoma. I hope to thrive and discover new things in a different environment.”


Destin Evans, Entertainment Reporter

Destin Evans will be attending San Jose State University. He is majoring in advertising but plans switch to graphic design, and minor in music.

“My favorite memory in the class is when we all came together during Late nights and ate some food.

This class has impacted me in a good way, improving my writing skills so much.

I advise the incoming staff to be more organized and to not procrastinate.

My goals in my life are to further my music and Youtube.”