MEDIA SLC to offer filmmaking

Simran Ali, Editor-in-Chief

The MEDIA Small Learning Community is offering English 9 and Filmmaking first and second period respectively with Ms. Ruth Greene to incoming non-magnet freshmen next August. Students will complete their 9th grade English requirement by taking English 9 and will fulfill their fine art requirement by taking filmmaking

Students in these classes will focus on analyzing media and creating digital media projects. In the English class, 9th graders will focus on learning Common Core content through the perspective of media. In the filmmaking class, they will create their own films in response to English Common Core content.

“If we are reading a play, then we will film the play,” said Ms. Greene. “We will also create mini films on short stories we read using the materials available in the classroom.”

As they move into 10th grade, MEDIA students will continue to evaluate and create media messages in their English, social studies and science classes.

“MEDIA SLC is in a partnership with LA Hi-Tech so we are creating a media pathway for the 9th graders,” said Ms. Greene.

She also said that juniors and seniors can take higher level media classes at Venice and get college credit through concurrent enrollment with Santa Monica College. By graduation, MEDIA students will have had the opportunity to earn 12 college units without having to pay college tuition or book fees.

“Currently we are only offering Filmmaking 1, but later on we will also offer Filmmaking 2 and so on,” said Ms. Greene.