Online programs to help students with common core classes

Kimberly Velasquez, Reporter

Two new online programs called Study Island and Achieve 3000 have been purchased for teachers to assist Venice students that need help in Common Core classes. Study Island will be helping students with English, math, science, geography, and history and Achieve 3000 will help students with their reading skills.

Study Island is a Common Core web-based academic and instructional resource that was purchased by Venice High School in December. Because many students in the Common Core curriculum were “failing to demonstrate proficiency,” said Ms. Sharon Davis, the school’s intervention program purchased the two learning programs. They were purchased with extra Title I money allotted for students who are in need of help with their Common Core classes.

The Achieve 3000 program is a bit different from the Study Island program as it only helps students improve their current reading level. It identifies a student’s reading level and will rewrite a news item to a certain student’s reading level.

Both Study Island and Achieve 3000 will be managed by teachers who will supervise a student’s use of the programs as well as allow them to sign in to the program wherever a wireless connection is easily accessible.

Several teachers received a three-hour training and introduction to Study Island on Feb. 24. Unlike the limitless Study Island program, only 1,150 students will be able to use Achieve 3000.

The Study Island program was created to assist all schools in the country that have at least 50% of students not receiving a C or better in the curriculum. On the website, it shows a list of subjects that students can click on to see what they need help in. Then they would search for the specific level they are in for that subject and it will give them an option of taking a lesson for that subject that will help them. Tutoring for Advanced Placement classes and CAHSEE preparation will also be offered on the website.

“When you are signed on to the website, you can take a diagnostic test to see your reading level of mastery,” said Ms. Davis. “The students will also be getting one-on-one tutoring if they are struggling with a Common Core course.”

Math teacher John Bruno has already used the Study Island program and is using it currently for his class. After being asked how the program would help, one of Mr. Bruno’s students from his Statistics class had a similar opinion towards the program.

“The program will help my students with their AP tests,” said Mr. Bruno. “I also gave them work to do on the website.”

The program also has a partnership with the worldwide program known as the Associated Press. The Achieve 3000 program was introduced to students and teachers in the library on April 7 to show them what the program is based on, how it’s going to be used and how it will benefit students.