Cherry Bomb: Fans Are Blown Away

Chad Sharrieff, Photography

“Cherry Bomb” is the fourth studio album by Tyler, The Creator. The alternative hip-hop album released April 13 includes guest appearances such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Schoolboy Q, Charlie Wilson, and Kali Uchis.
The album is very different from Tyler’s other albums because it contains different flows. Some of the beats are infused with an essence of rock. Tyler has done well with this album.
Listening to the album was initially difficult because the usual Tyler I was expecting wasn’t there. So it took me a couple of times to get into the music because of the difference between the music he usually records and this album now.
Sophomore Alexander Gonzalez said the album is “very well made with heavy instrumental and smooth-flowy lyrics. The whole album is really good.”
His first song, “Deathcamp” starts off in an unorthodox way because of the beat and it seems Tyler is switching up on his fans. His song “Cherry Bomb” is essentially just an instrumental, but he explained on Twitter he decided to add lyrics. The music is turned up to an extent where you can’t hear a lot of what he’s saying.
If you listen to the album, you will notice that the music in the songs isn’t the same, meaning that one song might have someone singing, then you can have 30 seconds of an instrumental and the next song can just be all Tyler rapping. For example, listening to a Casey Veggie album, you’ll probably notice that his music is all essentially the same. But Tyler on the contrary, is off the wall.
My favorite songs are probably “2Seater” and “F**king Young/ Perfect” because of the dialogue that is intertwined in “2Seater.” Who would have thought that the older, polished Charlie Wilson would collaborate with Tyler, The Creator? That is what makes F**king Young/ Perfect special. Overall I like the album as a whole because it is just beautiful.
So, if you like Tyler’s music, this really will be a treat for you. But, if you haven’t heard anything by him and you would like to, I suggest that you start with his other albums first to get a feel of what he is like.
The album is available on iTunes for $10.99. But, I suggest that you get the hard copy because the album has five alternate covers; Best Buy has the CD for 13.99