Girls’ Tennis To Host Hamilton In First Match In Almost Two Years

Gisselle Peryanez, Reporter

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Girl’s tennis comes back to school training harder than ever. 


After quarantining for over a year and a half, the Gondos will host Hamilton today for their first match of the season.


According to senior Kaya Worozbit, a captain, it’s exciting to return to playing. The Gondos haven’t played since the semester before quarantine began.


“I’m super hyped and excited for the match,” she said. “This match will be a great start to the season.”


Key players for this year’s team include senior Lilly Bell, junior Nasha Lin and Lucie Combredt, according to coach Andrew Horen.  


Construction on new tennis courts will begin around December, according to Horen. Until then, the Gondos will continue training at Mark Twain Middle School. 


Practice begins from 4 pm to 5:30 pm, typically consisting of conditioning, drills, and working on their stroke technique. 


The Gondos continue to make the best with the new living modifications due to COVID-19. It was difficult at first being back after so long, Worozbit said. Luckily, when the tennis team competes, they are already following social distancing regulations. 


Horen also added that he feels “pretty good about the direction we are heading.” 


Upcoming matches include home matches against LACES Tuesday and Palisades next Thursday. Worozbit said that she doesn’t really know what to expect, since the last time the Gondos have played other teams was two years ago.