Venice Clubs to Premiere at Club Expo

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Perhaps you’re interested in spending your free time at the Learning Garden or planting beautiful flowers, or maybe you like drawing and doing art. If so, Venice High offers clubs that just might suit you.  

As of late, many clubs have adjusted to meeting in the garden, outside the auditorium, and more outdoor areas around campus due to COVID-19 guidelines.

Visit the Club Expo tomorrow at lunch in the quad to learn more about different clubs on campus.

The Art Factory

The Art Factory is “a friendly environment to provide students with alternative classroom space to produce art, and to also beautify the school by doing murals and gallery shows,” said art teacher Tyler Fister.

The club is a great opportunity for those of you who are really interested in painting and don’t have it in their schedule yet, Fister said. 

The artwork they have done in the past includes watercolor and painting, Fister said.

The club is still figuring out a time to meet.

Garden Club

Students learn about gardening techniques in the Venice High’s Garden Club, said garden teacher Brian Bailey.

The club plants all sorts of things like fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers.

“Students have spaces in the garden that they take care of,” Bailey said. “They’re able to learn about gardening and the correct ways of gardening—but they also choose their own path.” 

The club meets on Mondays at Nutrition out in the Learning Garden, and after-school hours run daily depending on the watering shifts club members sign up for. 

Gondos Who Code 

Gondos Who Code is a new club that just started up this year. 

Junior Vanessa Uzan founded the club after she became very interested in coding this past summer. 

“The purpose of the club is to teach students with no coding background how to build programs from scratch,” Uzan said.

During club hours, the members do mini-coding lessons and everyone gets to work on their own individual coding projects. 

In the future, they’re going to work on creating personal websites, Buzzfeed-like quizzes and creating a place where each club and athletic team has a website of their own. 

They meet on Wednesdays during lunch in 252 in the Walgrove Building. 

Japanese Club

The Japanese Club helps students learn more about Japanese culture, said Japanese teacher Trasey Nomachi. 

“Our goal is to help promote Japanese culture to people outside of the club and to bring that knowledge to the school so that everyone will have more of a global perspective,” she said.

The club is run by the students, and “the students decide on which topics they would like to learn about,” Nomachi said. 

Some topics may include origami and calligraphy. The club sometimes “watches videos on certain cultural topics during lunchtime, Nomachi said.

The Japanese Club meets on Tuesdays during lunch on the auditorium steps. 

Knights and Ladies 

Knights and Ladies is a group that focuses on helping the Venice community. 

“We help out the school, trying to get students more involved and helping the community as well,” said senior Ashley Fox. 

Some of the activities Knights and Ladies are a part of include working the concession stands for football games, the student store, homecoming, and any other school events.

Knights and Ladies also counts towards community service time, so you can get those hours in before graduation. 

You can only join Knights and Ladies If you’re a senior, but there is a similar club for juniors that is similar to Knights and Ladies called Chatelaines and Esquires.

The club has weekly and bi-weekly meetings, and they meet during lunch time. 

If you want to know more about Knights and Ladies, contact English teacher Gloria Gonzalez, the adviser. 

Applications are currently closed until the end of the year, but they will be accepting new members next year.

Multilingual Aid Club

Multilingual Aid Club helps students with extra help in languages, said Magnet Coordinator Christopher Wolf, the adviser. 

The club is about students who speak a language other than English, and helping them integrate with English-speaking students,” Wolf said. 

Junior Natalia Perez Morales started the club because she was interested in supporting students who do not speak English as their first language and need additional support. 

The club is currently figuring out a schedule. Contact Wolf to find out more information. 

Needle Art With A Heart

Needle Art with a Heart is a club where students work on projects like knitting, embroidery, crochet, and needlepoint.

After health teacher Sophie Sabbah started to share her needle art with senior Chaya Forman in Advisory, Needle Art with a Heart was born. 

“I showed her my art and she showed me hers,” Sabbah said, “It was a great connection I had with all my Advisory students.”

No supplies or prior experience is necessary to join the club. There are tutorials and lessons that they do to teach students new to needle art. 

The club is currently meeting in the Garden on Tuesdays at Lunch, but was previously meeting in room 124.

Peer Tutoring Club

The Peer Tutoring Club offers Venice High students the opportunity to help each other with different school subjects, said junior Nasha Lin.

“It is a safe environment for kids at Venice High School who need help on subjects and get tutored by other Venice High School students,” said Lin, co-president of the club with junior Vanessa Uzan.

The Peer Tutoring Club meets every Monday during lunch outside the Shop Building. 

Student Reporting Labs (SRL)

If you’re curious about the world of broadcast—and knowing how others can produce well-curated stories for the world to hear—Venice High’s Student Reporting Labs can help widen the doors to the modern pursuit of media, said senior Anthony Carmona. 

“SRL essentially is a project-based learning program supporting young people in reporting on issues in their community,” he said. “We create videos and podcasts for PBS NewsHour.”

Anthony Carmona has been in SRL for two and a half years, and started out as a member in his sophomore year. Some of the projects he’s focused on are about college debt and mental health.

“My favorite aspect of being a part of this great organization is our ability to take any story we think is meaningful and impactful that could not only shape others in our community, but those around us throughout the world,” he said.

Members of SRL typically meet on Wednesdays downstairs in room 106 in the East Building. 

Video Game Club

Members of the Video Game Club play video games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, League of Legends and Rocket League, said English teacher Marcos Sandoval, the adviser.

“The Video Game Club is an opportunity for students to gather with those who enjoy playing video games and to unwind during the school day and to not get stressed out,” he said.

Aside from playing video games, students “hang out and talk about the latest films or video games released,” Sandoval said.The Club meets on Fridays, after school at Room 143 at the Far West Building.

Other clubs at Venice include the following:

ACE Mentor

Astronomy Club

Ballet Folklórico de Venice

Biomedical Research Club

Chatelaines and Esquires

Class of 2022

Club Heal the Bay

Community Closet

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Interact Club

Jewish Culture Club (JCC)


Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)

Mental Health Advocacy

Multimedia Club

Peer Leadership Club

Red Cross Club

Science Bowl

Science Olympiad

STEMM Council

Venice Boardriders Club

Venice High Book Club

Venice High Model United Nations (VHSMUN)

Venice High School Academic Decathlon

Venice High School Chess Club

Venice K-Pop Dance Club

World Languages Global Studies Magnet Student Council