Boys Water Polo Ready to Compete Again After Shutdown


Troy Lippman, Reporter

Boys’ water polo, 0-3, will host the LACES Unicorns tomorrow as they are several games into the season. Both teams are eager for a win as the season continues along.

The game will be at 3 p.m. at the Venice pool. 

The Gondoliers look to have a strong, competitive year and build upon each game, said coach Sophie Sabbah.

“They will do great,” Sabbah said. “I feel hopeful about this season and have a great group of kids here.” 

The team is ready for any challenges that come their way and will look to work on skills like endurance and passing, according to Sabbah. 

The pool hasn’t been able to be used in over a year and a half, but has recently reopened. Sabbah feels very excited to be back to using the pool again. 

“We’re happy to be back to swimming in our own pool, as we’ve been shut down since October 2019,” she said.