Blueface Hosts Impromptu Concert At Venice


Lourdes Bullo, Features Editor

Rapper Blueface had Venice students scrambling to the back of the school earlier this month for a pop-up concert.

It was hectic to say the least.

All that week, you could hear students passing rumors of hundred dollar bills being thrown into the crowd or Blueface rolling up in a G-Wagon.

After school that Friday, students were waiting for any signs of the rapper’s appearance.The crowd was confused whether he’d be at the front or the back of the school, but the second he was spotted making his way towards the pool in a U-Haul, all bets were off.

Students quickly formed a stampede in that general direction, as a bout of exclamations ensued. People were crawling over gates to get to the front row and a chance to get Blueface’s autograph on a shoe or phone case.

As students made their way to the front of the crowd, you could find the rapper himself along with his crew on top of the U-Haul, and that’s when the real screaming began.

With everyone still wearing their backpacks, it was a tight fit. The concert itself wasn’t too special, with the muffled microphone and the constant thwack of a strangers backpack coming from all directions. 

He played his most famous songs like Thotiana or Respect My Cryppin’, making fast switches to new songs which were far less popular and mostly unrecognizable.

There was also a point where one of Blueface’s hype girls fell into the audience, but she soon recovered. You could also see a rain of shoes and other miscellaneous items come flying over the crowds head, people scrambling in an attempt to get anything they had signed by the rapper. Not to mention when the rapper took his shirt off and the entire crowd leapt forward in an attempt to catch the sweaty mass.

Overall, it was a decent experience, with it being completely free and lasting half an hour or so. At the risk of getting trampled or worse, the experience was still one to remember.