Kensinger Twins Dominate Their Respective Sports


Eric Lee and Arely Ocampo Bartolo

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Seniors Thomas and Daniella Kensinger are absolute forces to be reckoned with. 

Thomas plays defensive end and tight end offense for football, while Daniella is an outside hitter in the back and front row for girls’ volleyball. Both are stars of their respective teams.

Daniella admits that sometimes having a twin play a sport can be difficult with parents trying to support both children, but she’s extremely supportive of her brother and his football career. 

“I love going to football games and cheering him on,” she said. “I understand enough to know when something is going well.”

Thomas is glad that his sister plays a sport. 

“We have to work around each other sometimes, but it’s definitely a lot better than having her not play sports, because, you know, I have some emotional support when I need it,” he said.

While Thomas, who was recently featured in an LA Times article, is unsure of his college plans (besides continuing to play football), Daniella has already committed to the University of Oregon.

“It’s gonna be tough ending my career,” Thomas said. “I love this team a lot. And I’m excited about moving on to college. But Venice will always be in my heart.”

Opposing teams shouldn’t let their guard down; another Kensinger sibling will eventually make his way to Watson Field next year. Thomas has pride in his younger brother Lawrence, who’ll continue to carry his older siblings’ legacy.

“He’s going to be a really good athlete,” he said. “He’s going to be ready next year. And he’s gonna wreak havoc on everyone.”

“Me and Thomas, get along pretty well… we can both understand the physical exertion of being an athlete,” said Daniella.