Chew Family at Venice

Andrea Lo, Assistant News Editor

Three members of the Chew family, two of whom are teachers, are currently at Venice High.

Mr. Randall Chew and Mrs. Laurie Chew are both math teachers here at Venice. Mrs. Chew is at the World Languages and Global Studies Magnet, while Mr. Chew is teaching for EArtH Justice Small Learning Community. Their three children also attend or have attended Venice.

In Mrs. Chew’s side of the family, there are three generations of Gondos: her father (Class of 1953), herself (Class of 1980), her two siblings (Class of 1977 and 1985, respectively), and two of her children (Class of 2008 and 2010, respectively). Her youngest child, daughter Jennifer, is graduating this year.

Before teaching at Venice, Mrs. Chew attended UCLA and found more opportunity as a math major. Afterward, she taught at Belmont High School, but transferred to Venice after a job opening in Jan. 2000.

Mr. Chew has taught at Venice since 2001, and previously taught at Van Nuys Math Science Magnet for 12 years. He also attended UCLA and decided to become a math teacher because this way, he could have more time with his family. Staying at Van Nuys would mean less vacation time as a family, since Van Nuys was going yearlong.

“Family is more important to me than money,” said Mr. Chew.

The best thing about Venice, according to Mr. Chew, is being part of the community.

Mrs. Chew says that she came back to Venice because she attended Venice and lived in the area. She says that she knew that her children would probably come here.

“Frankly, it’s the best school in the Westside,” said Mrs. Chew. “We have a great math program! We just have great teachers, programs, offerings, sports programs, and campus. We have good academics. There’s a very involved alumni association.”