Top Five Thanksgiving Foods

Top Five Thanksgiving Foods

Julissa Alvarado, Reporter

At my family’s Thanksgiving dinner, we usually crowd around a long rectangular table. It’s a pretty chill Thanksgiving—not like Christmas—in the sense that it’s not so loud. My family dresses formally, but not as nicely as Christmas time. We usually talk about our Christmas plans among a host of other things. In the middle of the table is the highlight of the evening: delicious food. 

Here are the best foods featured at my Thanksgiving every year.

1. Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is one of my favorite foods. It’s one of the meals served almost every Thanksgiving in my family. 

My mom usually prepares the Mac & Cheese and it is super easy to prepare—just add powdered cheese, butter, and milk and then mix it. I love the cheesiness, gooiness, and creaminess of it, especially when it’s fresh out of the pan. It’s also one of those foods that goes well with almost any dish.

2. Buttery Rolls

The buttery rolls are served along with the meal. These are usually baked when it’s getting closer to dinnertime, so they won’t be cold. 

The best part about the rolls is the taste of the butter. They are super savory and warm, soft and kind of toasty, and it goes along with the rest of the food.


The turkey is usually cooked by my aunt. I really enjoy her turkey because of how juicy it is. I eat the turkey, but if I had a choice I would just eat something else. I usually only eat turkey once a year because there are other turkeys that I don’t enjoy, mainly because they have stuffing inside.

4. Walnut Pie

Walnut pie is similar to pumpkin pie, but instead it’s made of walnuts. I enjoy the walnut pie because I like the walnuts. We usually have both pumpkin pie and walnut pie because many of my family members like both. 

Every year we usually buy the pies from the store. One year, we tried making the pies, but they didn’t come out well. My favorite parts of the walnut pie are the walnuts and the glazed part.

5. Corn

     The corn I eat for Thanksgiving is usually corn that my family buys. We cook the corn cobs, and once they’re ready, we pick the corn and eat it. 

I really enjoy the corn because it’s so sweet. Some of my family members combine the corn with other dishes or add sauce to it.