Venice High School Wins City Championship In Game Against Canoga Park


PC: Chip Signore

Arely Ocampo Bartolo, Managing Editor

 The feeling after winning the 2021 Division 1 CIF City Championship game for the Venice High’s football team is something fans in attendance will never forget. 

Friday night felt electric; the opening drive was like something out of “All American.” The tension between the crowd and the football players could be cut with a knife.

The Gondoliers won against Canoga Park by a landslide score of 36-9 in Friday night’s game at Birmingham High School.

They are now set to host the State Regional Championship this Friday Dec. 3rd against Liberty High School at 7:30 pm.

After a tough start to their season with a loss to Palisades during their first league game, the team pulled through and managed to have an ongoing streak of seven continuous wins. 

“Being a city champion is such an honor,” said senior Thomas Kensinger, a captain. “It feels like everyone in the Venice community was rooting for us.”

Canoga Park started strong during the first quarter, scoring their only nine points of the game, but struggled to keep up against the Gondoliers for the following three quarters. 

“After we won, everyone erupted,” Kensinger said. “That was such an amazing moment.”

This win not only made the Gondoliers the top team in their division and sent them on their way to the state playoffs, but also gained head coach Angelo Gasca his first ever CIF championship. 

“It feels like it didn’t even happen,” Gasca said. “We did it for the players that came before us and for the Venice community.”