Yummy Meals at Superba


Samantha Corona, Reporter

In the city of Venice, there exists a fine restaurant I’d recommend to anyone. 

Locals know it well; Superba Food + Bread is centrally located on Lincoln Blvd, just blocks from the famous Venice High School.

There are many different kinds of meals for any time of the day—breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The staff are kind and the setting is gorgeous.

When you arrive you first notice the open concept seating area. There is outside furniture with tables and white striped umbrellas on top. There is even another section seated area with a tent of the same color and pattern over it. There are also hanging patio lights that are lit up in the night to brighten everything. Inside Superba, the first thing you notice is how spacious it is. There are high ceilings, from which hang dozens of lights. 

The seats aren’t casual; there are long cushioned booths across the restaurant. Along one wall, there is a huge shelf filled floor-to-ceiling with bottles of wine.

Along another wall is where you can purchase the delicious pastries. This pastry is absolutely delicious. It includes vanilla glaze, orange zest, and sea salt. It is warm and not too cinnamon-y, maybe even better than a Cinnabon! 

Superba has an amazing variety of foods that everyone of any age will fall in love with. It’s beneficial to everyone who lives within the community. Even students from Venice High can walk to Superba after school to get a delicious meal.

There are many meals I can recommend that many teens will love—with even affordable prices.

To start off, my first and favorite meal would have to be The Double Cheeseburger. This burger includes tillamook cheddar, Superba sauce, onion, pickles, and fries. $17

This burger is definitely the best in Venice. The way the meat was cooked was beyond perfect. When you take a bite, you can definitely taste the juicy combination of the Superba sauce, cheese, pickles, and onion with the crispy crunch of the burger. 

Usually when you eat a burger, you can’t really see what’s actually inside. But at Superba, this burger was like a mountain. You saw everything layered up!

And we can’t forget about the fries! The fries are as crispy, salty, and flavorful as they look. Dipping these fries into the side of ketchup gives it the right amount of goodness. They are made perfectly, and the sprinkle of basil is the cherry on top! The price, the quality, and the flavor are out of this world for this Double Cheeseburger—it definitely fills you up. 

The second best meal I’d pick for you to try would be The Fried Chicken Sandwich, which includes slaw,  jalapeno aioli, and fries. $16.50

Who wants a regular plain chicken sandwich? The Fried Chicken Sandwich from Superba is amazing. The chicken is cooked perfectly and what’s important is that it doesn’t get soggy! The slaw is nice and fresh and with its cool temperature, it mixes perfectly with the warm chicken. 

If you want to leave the casual American food, why not go for something fancy, like the Angel Hair Pomodoro? But don’t worry, this meal doesn’t have real hair!

Superba’s Angel Hair Pomodoro includes market tomatoes, garlic sugo, parmesan, basil $19

The meatballs were neither under nor overcooked. They were made at the right touch! 

Usually, some places tend to have the issue with having their pasta sauce to be too tomatoey, but not Superba. This sauce is perfect. It has the perfect amount of flavor that will be loved by anyone at any age! Especially mixed in with parmesan cheese—it gives it an even more perfect balance of delicious flavor.

You can also keep it classy with Cacio Y Pepe!

The Cacio Y Pepe contains pasta alla chitarra, pecorino, tellicherry peppercorn. $20

This pasta is amazing. It has a creamy texture with the perfect touch of garlic. The noodles are the perfect kind for this pasta. With a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese…chef’s kiss! 

Superba is the perfect place to have a meal with anyone on any occasion—the place is homey and filled with good vibes. 

Coming from a high school student like myself, I can definitely say this place is filled with delicious meals. My friends are excited to try this place and I know Superba won’t disappoint! 

Superba Food + Bread 

1900 Lincoln Blvd

Venice, CA