Fantasy Sports: A Great Way To Get Involved In Sports


Troy Lippman, Reporter

Football is an action-packed sport, with many fans across the country tuning in on Sunday to watch their favorite teams. Football fans are passionate for teams they root for, and it gives them an activity they enjoy watching. 

For these people and myself included, fantasy sports are a fun way to interact with other sports fans and spend down time. 

Fantasy football is a fun way to see how a team you draft performs on a weekly basis. Each year, people that join fantasy leagues draft their teams before an upcoming season starts. Leagues are usually free to join without any charge. 

In each draft you get a certain number of picks and roster spots for players you choose to be on your team. You matchup head to head against a different opponent each week and a victory is decided on how the players you draft perform in real life and the amount of “fantasy” points scored.

Many people play with others they know and enjoy participating in fantasy sports with friends and family. Any person can play fantasy sports and many students I’ve talked to that enjoy sports, take interest in it. 

Injuries in football are bound to happen, as it’s a physical sport filled with action which can cause anything unexpected to happen. That comes with being an athlete. You may have to adjust your fantasy lineup if a player that you roster goes down with an injury which can affect how your team does positively or negatively but it’s all part of the fun of playing fantasy sports. 

It’s exciting to see how players perform in your fantasy lineup against opponents and how you have to manage it each new week. 

My experience overall has been an exciting one, as my team has performed really well this season. The league I play in is with a few family members and people I know who are sports fans. I have gone up against many top players other opponents have like Davante Adams, Stefon Diggs, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Derrick Henry, etc.  Aside from a few injuries that have happened to some of the players on my team, I’ve been relatively successful winning most of the games this year with the team I drafted.

Overall fantasy sports are a fun experience to take part in and free to play.