Nikky Lewis: Auto Photographer


Coretta Wilkinson and Zoe Woodrick

Start your engines…

Ready… Set…


Senior Nikky Lewis may not drive cars, but he takes photos of some of the most prestigious kinds.

Lewis specializes in European and exotic cars—his favorites being the McLaren P1 GTR and Pagani Zonda 760.

The senior has a two-step process that he does with every client, using Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to enhance his photos. 

“Another thing that is very important that’s overlooked in photography is my technological side,” said Lewis. “I take suggestions from what my clients envision as part of my job and try to make that a reality.” 

Lewis shares his work through Instagram, where most of his clientele are owners to specialized automotives.

He has been interested in cars since childhood, when his dad jump-started his interest after taking him to the LA Auto Show. Lewis decided to take his love for cars to another level by becoming a photographer. 

He has had the opportunity to take photos of cars across the nation and meet many people in the industry. “It gave me a greater perspective of the world. Meeting so many interesting people and going to so many interesting places that, if I had not been in such circumstances, I wouldn’t have gone,” he said.

Lewis’ experiences and time in the industry have helped motivate him to become his best self. He has connections with people in the industry and has direct ties to Automotive companies. 

“One thing I think is so great about photography and art is that you just have to carry your imagination to how far it’s going, so I never say there’s a limit to opportunities.”