Staying Fit No Matter What

Troy Lippman and Isaac Ng

With the rise of COVID-19 cases, all Venice High School athletic events were postponed last week. Despite this, teams resumed their practices and indoor sport teams faced more of a challenge as they were forced to hold practices outdoors with no access to indoor facilities. 

“We definitely prefer practicing indoors,” senior Hannah Kaufman, a girls’ basketball player, said. “It feels better with the AC, and the outdoor courts are pretty slippery.” 

Last week, the team ran laps, did scrimmages, and practiced full court layups as if it was offseason conditioning. The good news is that the girls are now back to practicing and holding games indoors. 

As for boys’ volleyball, the practices have gone well this week despite being held outdoors, according to senior Johndiego White, a volleyball player. 

“We’ve been outside mostly just focusing on doing ball control work and different drills like peppering, which helps with passing,” White said. 

White thinks the team will get off to a strong start this season, which will begin on Feb 1. 

“We definitely have a really good squad this year and a lot of guys on varsity play club volleyball together on the same team, so we already have very good chemistry,” he said.